Chronic Inflammation and Your Joints

Chronic joint pain and inflammation continues to be one the prevalent health issues. Joint pain and inflammation can make your day-to-day life incredibly difficult, even just managing simple tasks may be unbearable and painful. Common joint inflammation are gout (build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints) and arthritis. While medications can help reduce inflammation and ease pain, natural supplements along with dietary changes could help the body fight inflammation, naturally.

One of the powerful plant to keep inflammation at bay is curcumin, an active compound in turmeric, best known for its greatest health promoting effects.

However, curcumin is hard to be absorbed, often ends up excreted by the body. Kordel’s Theracurmin is a patented absorption enhanced form of curcumin. A nano particle form of curcumin with 2700% better absorbed than regular curcumin, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to turn off many enzymes and biological processes that cause inflammation inside the body and provides 24hrs retention for excellent anti-oxidant protection.

Switching off inflammatory helps body’s healing process and protects cells against free radical oxidation. Theracurmin  has the greatest number of published clinical trials delivering measurable benefits for liver, skin, heart, muscular, joint and cognitive health.

Kordel’s Veggie Joint Food, another excellent plant-based and shellfish-free formula that combines powerful anti-inflammatory extracts from Celery seed, Grape seed, Sweet cherry and curcumin along with a proprietary fruit blend of seven polyphenol-rich fruit extract. This superb supplement manages uric acid production within a healthy range, flushes excess uric acid (underlying cause of gout), has the ability to soothe joint discomfort and provides anti-oxidant support to preserve healthy joints and cartilage and keep you moving comfortably.

Kordel’s Veggie Joint Food is suitable for vegetarians.

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While the event was offered to the public as a virtual event, Asics hyped up its initiative by organizing a small physical race establishing 3 dream teams led by 3 outstanding Team Captains, Serena Teoh, Daniel Leow and Shah Feroz to bring the challenge to a new high.

Despite a heavy downpour in the wee hours on Saturday morning, the unfavourable weather did not dampen the fighting spirit of the teams. All runners put in their best foot forward, with the winning team clocking a remarkable timing of 2hr 27 mins ( for a total of 42.195km). The power of teamwork in action uplifted the hearts of the event.

Kordel’s is honoured and proud to be part of this race and would like to congratulate Asics for a successful event and all team runners for their outstanding effort!